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Business startups are always hectic and risky, especially with a lot of competitors in the market. So, the best approach for any entrepreneur is to provide good quality products or services which exceed its competitor offering. A major constraint recognized in this regard is its financing.

Personal savings, friends, or family can contribute towards the financing of a business startup. However, a more professional approach for this issue can be tackled by taking short terms loans which can also be financing your shareholder. For this, a convertible note agreement can be signed. This agreement establishes a business transaction between the entrepreneur and the investor.

What Is a Convertible Note?

A convertible note has become a popular investment instrument used by startup businesses. It is referred to as liability insurance that gives an investor the opportunity to exchange the bond for a fixed amount of shares in the issuing company. A convertible debt note sample is a crossover of both equity and debt. Generally, it is a short-term debt paid back in the form of equity.

The investor loans money for the startup but instead of getting their money back with the principal in the future, they opt for shares. Mostly, this funding is collected at Series A funding. The outstanding loan is paid back upon the liquidity on completion of the specific milestone.

The benefit of the convertible note is that the owner and creditors are not obliged to assess the worth of the business beforehand. This is due to startups' being an idea or at the very initial stage where their valuation may be very less monetarily. The convertible note also offers security in interest payment and tax. Due to insufficient time and financial capital, convertible note agreement offers an enormous benefit over complex deals of the startups business.

What is Convertible Note Used For?

When a company is in the initial states, they require a lot of funding for inducing a product in a market. It is a major hassle if the company arranges this investment by sharing the equity. Along with a good lawyer, this requires proper agreement considering everyone’s terms and conditions. It can roughly cost the investor hundreds of thousands of dollars or equivalent currency.

This can be avoided by using the convertible note template. By this venture, the startup offers to pay investors in preferred equity instead of repaying them in real money. The convertible note investor will enjoy a similar equity amount as others. However, due to earlier investment, they will enjoy a little discount as a good-faith investment bid earlier.

By the sample convertible note, the high prices of lawyers can be avoided as the sample agreement is available online, which can easily be modified. Resultantly, it has simplified business for the entrepreneur as they can generate fast funding by spending a few hundred to a thousand dollars.

Types of Convertible Note

The underwriter has tried to classify the convertible note into different categories due to a lack of systematic classification. In the financial market, the convertible universe can be segmented into the following types:

  • Vanilla Convertible Notes

These bonds are the most frequently used kind of convertible bond. The investor is entitled to keep the bond until it matures, or the investor feels the need to exchange it into a certain number of shares. Since the market is a varying phenomenon, stock prices can rise and decline. When stock prices are facing a decline, the investor can store the bond till it matures to get facial value.

However, if the trend is on an increasing scale, investors may turn the bond into equity or sell at their convenience.

  • Mandatory Convertible Notes

It is the popular variation of the vanilla convertible notes. It puts an obligation on the investor to exchange shares at the maturity of specific ratios and values. It can be termed as selling equity at its premium price.

Often, these shares will have two conversion rates. The first exchange price will restrict the price at which the investor receives the equivalent of its value in the form of shares. The second exchange set the cap on the par value gained by the investor.

  • Reverse Convertible Notes

In reverse convertibles notes, the exchange prices would be like a short-run blow alternative. It entitles the startup company to exchange the bond into shareholdings or to hold the bond until maturity as a fixed income investment. This is achieved at a predetermined price-conversion ratio if the bond is converted.

How Does Convertible Note Work?

The convertible note template offers a simplified document that commences the business deal with the company and the lender. These agreements offer simple and brief detail within a maximum document of ten pages. Different documents, over the combination, form the complete agreement. They are as follows:

  1. Permission to Purchase Stock: This is the part of the document that provides warrants to the note holder to purchase shares of the company instead or in addition to caps and discounts. This deal makes this transaction statistically equal to the equity. However, warrants add confusion to a straightforward transaction.
  2. Accord of Note Purchase: It is a structured packaging that makes the funding of payment in an organized manner like an equity fund. It uses certain representations and warrants from the company about its validity and authorization. It contains information regarding the eligibility of note holders', their representatives, and guarantees. It may be used to cover some of the key aspects of the agreement clauses.
  3. Accord of Subscription: The subscription agreement is basically a naming agreement. The main purpose of this is to explain the complex terminology present in the note purchase agreement. The subscription and note purchase agreement work as two halves of the same agreement.
  4. Accord of Subordination: It is a stand-alone document that is mostly filled on the occasion where the debt to be subjugated is applied to new debt. It is consumed when the existing convertible debt remains and a revolving credit line is added by a bank. This new arrangement is explained to the parties to show that existing debt is dependent on the new debt.
  5. Accord of Note Holders and Voting: This write-up document contains information regarding board positions, knowledge rights, stock issuance agreements, or other debt, along with other provisions that are more commonly linked to stock transactions.


Convertible note agreement obtains the finances to execute the business in a simpler and efficient manner. It offers the investor to finance the capital in a potential business. The article has detailed the purpose, its usage as well as working of the convertible note agreement to guide startup business owners in every aspect.

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