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The sacred bond of marriage is always under trial. Often, they strengthen the bond but, on some occasions, they may also become the reason for its failure. In that case, the couple will need to make the necessary decision for separation.

On these occasions, many issues related to finances, property, or children should be looked upon. Separating partners are entitled to the benefits and commitments that come with asset distribution. For this very reason, couples sign the separation agreement template. This form entails the legal decision between spouses about different matters before attaining an actual divorce.

What is the Separation Agreement?

A separation arrangement template is a legal agreement that is negotiated between couples who have decided to part ways but are avoiding or planning a divorce. This arrangement allows them to resolve issues gradually without the stress of a divorce. A couple will be required to attend legal hearings and follow strict deadlines after a divorce action has been filed. By signing a separation agreement, this burden will be relieved.

If a couple decides to either get divorced or reconcile with each other, a separation arrangement sample will allow them to do so. When they start living together again to reconcile, a separation arrangement usually becomes null and void.

A formal separation agreements template will spell down the rights and responsibilities of both individuals before and after the separation. When these arrangements are established, they determine a variety of details such as child care, child custody, property, and financial division. If one partner does not fulfill his or her duties under the separation agreement, the other spouse may get the agreement enforced in court.

Terms and Conditions in A Separation Agreement

The separation agreement sample must contain all the needed aspects to avoid room for disagreements and disputes in the future. It must contain the following fundamental terms and conditions:

  • Day of Marriage: Date by the proper format on which the couple is legally married.
  • Name of the Parties: Full legal names of the married couple applying for the agreement.
  • Permanent Residency: State and Country residency verification of the couple.
  • Children Custody: A decision regarding the custody of the children if they are under the age of 18. The amount for the child care that is to be paid and the visitation detail of the non-custodial parent should be clearly mentioned.
  • Assets: Clear distribution of the assets should be mentioned. Assets may include houses, cars, jewelry, or any other valuable item.
  • Taxes and Debts: Arrangement about the income, mortgages, debts, taxes, and expenses.
  • Spousal Support: To support the living style of one’s partner, financial assistance can be provided.
  • State of the Agreement: Decision regarding the state of the agreement about whether or not the agreement will continue to be effective or if a new agreement will be formed if the parties go through with the divorce.
  • Signature: Both individuals must sign the document in the presence of a notary for it to be properly admissible.

Checklist When Signing the Separation Agreement

Before signing a separation agreement template, the parties should make sure to seek legal help to avoid any error or loophole. The agreement should address all the financial, personal, and estate-related questions of both individuals applying for the separation. The following part will detail the checklist to mark when signing an agreement.

  1. Reason for disagreements by which the couple is separating or contemplating a divorce.
  2. The possible location where a potential divorce will occur for e.g., either a court or home.
  3. Clear details of the date of the marriage and the date by which they will start living separately.
  4. Proper details of assets distribution, especially about the custody of minors and "child tax allowance." Other assets division includes that of houses, property, taxes, etc.
  5. Information regarding the division of the mortgage, loans, and debts.
  6. Data about how the spouse, pets, or family member will be helped during the divorce process.
  7. The indication of the separation clause already in place will continue or not after the divorce is finalized.

How to Create A Separation Agreement Online

Since the sample separation agreement is a legally binding document, its drafting should be a very crucial step. If poorly drafted, it may cause disputes or even result in long court proceedings. The separation agreement is designed preferably in computerized form. Ideally, CocoDoc is a tool that will provide multiple templates for the agreement which can be customized according to the needs.

The following steps will detail the guide by which the separation agreements samples can be formatted:

Step 1: Setting the Format of the Agreement

The available template on CocoDoc will explicitly indicate the title of the separation agreement at the top. After that, a list of the headings for each subject is to be covered in the arrangement. These heading must include but are not limited to "Child Support," "Division of Assets," and "Spousal Support," etc.

Step 2: Details about the Agreement Parties

The name of both individuals would be written at the beginning of the contract. Along with the date and location of the marriage as well as the date of the divorce. Also, enlisting the children's names along with their birth dates will be mentioned.

Step 3: Separation Introductory Paragraph

A brief explanatory paragraph that outlines the reasons for the split will be added at the beginning of the document.

Step 4: Separate Sections for the Issues

Meanwhile, the next step is to fill the issues section of the CocoDoc templates. Selected issues will cover the separate portion in the main body of the separation agreement sample under respective headings. They will contain any arrangements between the partners as well as any other pertinent details.

Step 5: Other Clauses

Along with basic provisions in the CocoDoc template, other clauses can also be added. These provisions can include the details necessary for court action, cut down in revenue, or case if the agreement is breached.


The drafting of the separation agreement PDF is a very crucial and delicate process to cover. If not properly agreed, it can disturb many connected lives. This article has highlighted the need for the separated agreements samples along with a detailed guide on how to prepare a complete comprehensive document.

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