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Selling a product is everything a company's success is based on. There are hundreds of methods that a company invests in and tries to allure different customers to their services and products. One method that is being consumed by various businesses that involve investing money is by hiring a referrer. A referrer guides the company or the investor towards a target market or audience.

The referrer then gets paid in the form of a commission. However, to ensure that the complete process is covered efficiently, the use of a referral fee agreement is highly promoted. This guide introduces you to the ambits of using a finders fee agreement perfectly.

What is a Referral Fee Agreement

A simple fee agreement template is signed among a company that is selling their service or product with a third-party that would be paid for every sale made. This third-party is usually a professional of a certain service or the product market. It can also be a financial advisor that guides the company towards a proper market and audience to target.

Once a customer is obtained with the help of the referrer or advisor, he/she is paid a percentage commission fee out of the profits made. Having a referral fee agreement provides you the autonomy to carry out a fool-proof process. The use of this template not only serves the involved parties with a protected environment but gives them a legal remedy to work on.

The commission that is being paid to the referrer can also be out of the total sales made in the market. This is completely based on the terms and conditions that are being set by the parties during negotiations.

When Should You Use a Referral Fee Agreement

A referral fee agreement can be quite effective for people who are experts in a certain field. If these people have the ability to direct a company towards a target audience successfully, they can surely look towards signing referral fee agreements. This can allow the company to add itself into the competitive market with a consumer group that is known to their services.

On the other hand, if you operate a company that is not getting the maximum sales out for the products, the use of a referrer is encouraged. Using a referrer allows you to find clients and customers easily.

A referrer can provide services to both a company and a client. It acts as a communication medium for them. This means that if you are in search of an effective product or service, the referrer will introduce you to one. For this, the referrer or broker is being paid. However, to ratify all the proceedings, it is encouraged that the parties sign finder’s fee agreement to avoid confusion.

Having a signed finder’s fee agreement template allows you to carry out all procedures efficiently. It helps save the parties from building up a confused state and keep all things within a written document.

The Typical Format of a Referral Fee Agreement

A successful referral fee agreement is defined over a set of clauses that should be a part of any agreement that is being made between the parties. These clauses are based on defining the reputation of any business and thus should be considered an integral part of the agreement.

  • Scope of the Agreement: The parties should discuss and negotiate over the extent to which the referrer would guide a party towards an audience. Defining the nature of the agreement would allow the parties to be aware of their duties.
  • Exclusivity of the Agreement:This clause is usually included in such agreements where you do not want a referrer to be a part of another agreement with similar motives.
  • Duration of Agreement:Set up effective time parameters of the agreement to the date it will stay in effect.
  • Payments and Fees: Negotiate over the compensation that is to be paid to the party over the total sales being made.
  • Confidentiality Terms:The parties should make all the points clear to the opposing party that is to be kept in confidentiality. They should also decide the termination terms that would be due because of it.
  • Signatures:It is important for both parties to sign the agreement to put it in effect.

How Do Agencies Track and Pay Referral Fees?

It is considered a very common practice that companies hire a sales rep or an advisor that helps them find the optimal path to a product's success. It has been referred in various places that companies and agencies should hire such people full time. Rather than going for a referral fee agreement, agencies and companies are suggested to hire these people into the company.

Having such personnel within your company saves the agencies with the basic drill of tracking referrers. This personnel can act as referrers and provide the company with the same amount of guidance under a 0% commission. This may sound quite tricky but can be very effective in comparison to tracking and paying fees to referrers.

Signing a finder’s fee agreement can be very tiresome and tedious with every new user. Following such a defined protocol would guide the agencies to have a better approach in gaining access to a new market.


If you own a company that needs a certain boost with a group of customers that would take your company to competitive bounds, you should go for referrers. Having a referrer would allow you to guide yourselves in the right direction. For this, you should sign a referral fee agreement allowing you to have a legal approach in executing these tasks.

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