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Maintenance agreement refers to the maintenance services given to the firm or company. It is a contract between two parties where one party will sustain an asset owned by another party. Maintenance, by default, includes all emergency, non-emergency, and scheduled repairs.

The contract also outlines the free fixed fees, which are payable by the party that gets the benefit from the assistance with the corresponding payment terms. No matter what type of services an organization provides or needs, it should know how to write a maintenance contract. This is a key to ensuring that both service providers and clients fully understand their rights.

What is the Maintenance Agreement?

The maintenance service agreement is held between two parties, where one party adheres to do the duties of maintaining goods, vehicles, buildings, software, or more. It describes the terms of services, description of work, cost of service, and assurance. Such agreements are usually used by businesses, agencies, or companies.

The service providers use this agreement when they plan to offer services for clients. However, clients use maintenance agreements to hire a service provider for the accomplishment of a paid task.

The maintenance service contract aims to easily store the agreement terms between two companies or firms, where one is a maintenance body. There are many maintenance contract templates available that need a little modification or customization to serve your actual purpose. It should contain all the necessary facts and detail, including terms of services, description, price of the work, and more.

Terms and Conditions in A Maintenance Agreement

There are several clauses that should be kept in mind whenever seeking to write a maintenance contract template. These clauses are referred to as the terms and conditions of the agreement, which are provided as follows.

  • Scope of Maintenance: In the orders that are placed by a client to a company for any major or minor maintenance, the instruments shall be liable to the general terms and conditions. Special terms and conditions for each of the agreed instruments or group of instruments should be provided, such as framework contracts or other contractual arrangements.
  • Services and Place of Performance: The contract is responsible for covering the performance tests, precision tests, adjustments, cleaning, and maintenance work. Depending on the type of selected contract, the services of maintenance are extracted from the service description. The services are performed at the location where the instrument is being used.
  • Maintenance Personnel: The maintenance work is performed by a trained team or instrument specialists.
  • Maintenance Times: The intervals for the maintenance are extracted from the performance description if only the other intervals are not mentioned in the contract. The maintenance work time will be performed upon the agreement of both parties. If there would be any damage due to delayed performance, then the party will demand compensation for it.
  • Payment: A flat maintenance fee is charged for each date or a specific time of the maintenance work.

Checklist When Signing the Maintenance Agreement

There are several points that an individual or a firm should check when signing the maintenance agreement form. These points should be considered a necessity while designing such an agreement.

  1. Work Guarantee: When choosing a maintenance agreement, consider the work guarantee of the work offered by the party or a firm. A high-standard organization would not have an issue guaranteeing the labor and parts on their repairs for one or two years. Ensure that the guarantee is transferrable.
  2. Priority Service: Some companies and organizations give priority to their customers in the maintenance agreement form. That means the client's service moves to the top of the list even in the busiest times.
  3. Friendly and Trained Technicians: Do complete research before finalizing any maintenance agreement by visiting their official website and scoping out customer reviews. It is a bonus to select a company having a friendly and well-trained staff.
  4. List the Features: Check out the features and treatment devices with the number and model that are going to be used in the maintenance process.

How to Create A Maintenance Agreement Online

The service maintenance agreement can be created online with the help of a proficient tool named CocoDoc. The user needs to make sure to add all the important details in the form for the satisfaction of both parties.

  1. Identify Service Provider and Client: All the relevant information, such as the names and contact details of both parties, should be added to the agreement.
  2. Description of Provided Services: Include an accurate description of the services that the service provider will offer during the agreement period. A more detailed description will reflect less chance of misunderstandings between both parties.
  3. Sketch a Payment Schedule: Define the rates of all arrangements such as pay rate, tax rate, material or travel expenses, and the penalties for any damage or non-performance within the online template.
  4. Ownership of Materials: Specify which party will hold ownership rights of the produced materials during the contract. It is the best practice to address the ownership of materials.
  5. Personalization of a Maintenance Agreement: CocoDoc offers an option to include additional clauses like liability, return of the property, or legal expenses in the sample maintenance agreement. It depends on the personal situation of a company or an individual.


There is a need for a maintenance agreement when a company or a firm wants to hire the services from the service provider. This has great importance in protecting the rights of service providers and clients. The article has introduced users to an effective guide to producing the best contract that would allow them to safeguard the rights of both parties.

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