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Our market has observed a huge amount of competition within the system for the past century or more. Many companies have risen and fallen with the progressing time over the competition they have faced in the market. For protecting the basic interests of any business, the owners usually take up precautionary steps for facing the fatal blows of competition.

There are various instances where a business owner hires an agent or a subcontractor to cover their tasks. While signing an agreement of collaboration with these individuals, they always ensure to take their signatures over a non-compete agreement template. This template serves the basic obligation of protecting the business interests of a certain party.

What is a Non-Compete Agreement?

Fraud and forgery are very common activities that can be seen in the market. This act has been witnessed in situations where a temporarily hired individual leaks off important and confidential data to outer sources. Such acts cannot be avoided if the parties have had no certain document to sign on. However, if a non-compete clause sample template is being signed among them, there's not much to worry about.

There are many tasks where the company has to entrust their confidential information to their employees for successful execution. However, to safeguard the confidentiality and the authenticity of the information, a sample non-competition agreement is signed. This prevents the parties from sharing, leaking, or utilizing the data across any third-party source.

With the existence of a comprehensive form, the involved parties can legally practice their rights and protect their data across all scales. With effective legal protection in their hand, both parties can ensure that the data that remains inflow is always protected at all costs.

When to Use a Non-Compete Agreement

The practical implementation of a non-compete agreement template is quite obvious and definite. Whenever a company comes into operation, they require different employees and contractors to fulfill a series of tasks. While hiring this personnel, the use of a non-compete agreement sample is highly encouraged. However, there are special instances where its use is extremely necessary.

The agreement is signed among the company and a new employee that is being hired. When the employee is being paid by the employer, the document shall have a subject legal binding that would put it into effect.

The company can demand their employees to sign such agreements if delicate information is being handled among them. With strong data going through them, the use of a non-compete clause sample allows the company to protect and keep their data withheld among themselves.

In another case, a user may be buying a company from another person. It is important for the buyer to ensure that the seller does not include themselves within a similar market with an adjacent business. This shall put the company in a very delicate position. For this, they usually sign a non-compete agreement for protection against an imminent threat.

Is a Non-Compete Legally Binding?

A non-compete agreement can be asserted as legally binding over the completion of a few factors. The existence of these factors proves that the agreement that is being signed is legally binding. However, it is to be kept in mind that the legality of this document varies from state to state. It can also differ according to the country you reside in. To understand this fact, you should be aware of a few legal non-compete agreement templates.

Non-compete agreement templates can exist in different shapes. It can be a confidentiality or non-disclosure form. It can also exist as a non-solicitation for the employees and customers. Following that, the agreement can be a simple non-compete agreement form, depending upon the legal terms that have been included within them.

Before devising a non-compete agreement between two companies, it is important to get into the knowledge of which state supports its legality. This factor shall make sure that the contract is enforceable or not.

However, the other factor that is considered important for defining its legality is the clause of compensation. If the two parties decide across a certain compensation for keeping up the non-compete clause, the agreement thus reinstates a legal structure.

Tips for Writing a Non-Compete Agreement

An agreement is always developed with the notion of enforcing it across the parties that are involved in the process. Writing a non-compete clause form may be very simple; however, there are several things that are to be kept in mind before finalizing such a form. These tips can be simplified as the following points for writing a perfect non-compete agreement template.

  • ­Tip#1: The parties that are being a part of the non-compete agreement should provide their complete details, which include their legal data.
  • Tip#2: The dates that would lead towards the restriction of competing are to be stated within the form properly.
  • Tip#3: The territory or the span of the place should be clearly defined where the contractor or employee is restricted from setting up a business as a competition.
  • Tip#4: You should be very precise in defining your terms and conditions across the non-compete agreement.
  • Tip#5: The excessive clauses and different scope of understatement should not be a part of the form.
  • Tip#6: The parties that agree on the agreement should sign on the document for ratifying and legally binding themselves with it.


The professional market always demands an appropriate protocol that would allow companies and individuals to thrive properly. Following a defined protocol saves all the parties from being legally pursued. Such is the case with signing a non-compete agreement template. This document is necessary for ensuring that the company keeps its business interests intact while protecting the rights of every individual.

Following the specified protocol for a non-compete agreement would allow all parties to be aware of their rights and boundaries.

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