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A copyright license agreement is used to protect the creative work done by any individual or organization with the copyright law. It is a contract under which the copyright owner gives access to another individual or company to use their protected material. The copyrighted stuff can be reprinted, distributed, or used for a specific period.

For the use of copyright, the user will pay the payment based on the usage or the royalty to the owner. The copyright license agreement outlines how, where, and when the copyrighted work can be used, as it provides temporary and limited rights.

What is the Copyright License Agreement?

When an individual owns a copyrighted work, like a book, article, or play, then he has a right to decide how others can use it. For that purpose, it is necessary to grant a license. Copyright licensing agreements are written contracts that give authorization to the users in the exchange of payment.

The owner gives them exclusive rights over their original work for the limited time mentioned in the agreement to help an organization sell or manufacture its products effectively. Copyright agreement functions as the transformation of ownership rights and provide detailed information about the work material that will be used with the effective dates. The agreement contains the names of both parties, a description of the work which is being licensed, and the statement of the owner with acknowledgment.

The copyright license has great importance as it is a complete agreement that gives the right to use someone's copyrighted work. The document outlines the whole licensing model between the licensee and copyright owner.

Terms and Conditions in A Copyright License Agreement

A simple copyright contract will include the following terms and conditions.

  • Licensor and Licensee: There should be a name of an individual who owns the work material and an individual who wants to use the work material.
  • Work Material: A copyright work such as an article, book, music, play, etc.
  • Purpose: This describes the purpose for which the licensee can use the owner's work.
  • Fees: It is the payment based on the usage of the property.
  • Period: This defines how long the copyright agreement license will be effective.
  • Confidentiality of the Property: If there is some confidential information related to the intellectual property, then both parties will keep it confidential.
  • Disclaimer for a Loss: In case of any claim or loss of intellectual property, the licensor will not be liable as a result of the licensee's use.
  • Quality Control: The licensee should follow the licensor's quality control standards.
  • Ownership: The licensor will be the owner of the intellectual property throughout the licensing period.

Checklist When Signing the Copyright License Agreement

There are some points that need to be considered while signing the copyright licensing agreement. This describes what comes in the copyright stuff, how and who can use it.

  • A sample copyright license agreement is a document for the protection of the creators of original works. It includes all the published and unpublished musical, literary, dramatic, and artistic works. The main purpose of the copyright license is to prevent others from performing, copying, or using the owner's work without its consent.
  • In copyright law, an exclusive license works as a transfer of ownership rights. The exclusive licensee can use the copyright and assign it to a third party. However, a non-exclusive licensee can also use the copyright.
  • Not all the copyrighted material of another individual will be considered a copyright violation. American copyright law 'fair use' allows third parties the usage of copyright work without permission.
  • There is another type of work that does not demand permission to republish. A work existing in the public domain is a work that is either never or currently protected by copyrights. The public domain work typically falls into the following categories.
    1. General information like numbers or facts.
    2. Modules that had copyrights but expired because of time or the owner did not renew the copyright.
  • It is necessary for both parties to review the agreement and ensure that all the points must have been included in it.

How to Create A Copyright License Agreement Online

Below mentioned steps should be considered while creating a copyright agreement template online. There are a variety agreement templates suite your needs on CocoDoc

Step 1: Identify Both Parties

Before creating a copyright license agreement on an online platform such as CocoDoc, it is important to identify the parties or sides involved in the license contract. One side should provide the necessary supplies while the other one should receive them.

Step 2: Mention Necessary Clauses

Identify the main clauses to add to the copyright agreement. The party who is giving the information and drafting the agreement makes sure that the other party does not meet any ambiguity in the agreement.

Step 3: Mention the Date and Names

Following this, mention the drafting date of the agreement within the CocoDoc template. At the top of the page, write the names of both the copyright owner and the person who is allowed to use it.

Step 4: Define the Project and Save it

Clearly describe and explain the purpose of the contract. Once everything is final, prepare a rough draft within the online platform. If both parties are satisfied, then save it as a final agreement.

Step 5: Add Signatures

This is the important step as it is the only proof for the acknowledgment of agreement with both parties. Put the signatures and dates of both sides in the provided spaces. CocoDoc also provides an e-signature service. 


There are several situations that may occur where the information can be added from another individual or organization. For that purpose, a copyright license agreement is provided, allowing the usage of the protected material. It ensures that the copyrighted work is being used in a limited time with payment based on the usage. In addition, both parties must read out the whole agreement with terms and conditions before signing it.

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