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A speaking contract agreement is a speaker agreement between the host and the speaker for a specific event. These agreements play a significant role in small or big events for speaker’s services. The speaking services of the speaker are valid for all kinds of speeches at conferences or in a meeting with a few listeners.

Having a signed speaker contract agreement allows both sides to continue preparing the topic area. This type of agreement creates a relationship between the speaker and the party that hosts the event without considering the size of the engagement.

What is a Speaker Contract?

A speaker contract outlines a professional contract agreement. It is an electronic contract with detailed terms and conditions. The terms involve opportunities of the task which will be undertaken by the speaker and the situations that would cause inconveniences.

Speaker contract agreements given by CocoDoc are quite detailed in elaborating decided deals between the speaker and the host. The contract should answer a series of questions on behalf of the host. The questions could be:

  • How many numbers of hours and tasks are involved in the speaker's fee?
  • What could happen if the speaker cannot make it on the day of the event?
  • In case any inconvenience happens, how much repayment would be provided to the host?
  • In case of an unexpected incident, does the speaker suggest anyone else?

There could be several basic questions in the contract according to the nature of the project. The layout of the agreement could be different depending on the speaker. The nature of the contract does not matter as they keep both sides in a secure position to avoid misunderstandings. Any misconceptions could cause legal disputes in the worst scenarios.

On the other hand, if the work is going out of scope, the speaker can hold the host legally exposed for any additional cost requirement. A contract with legal terms and conditions could help the parties to stay confident while signing the contract.

The Typical Format of a Speaker Contract Included

Both virtual or live events require a handful of terms and conditions, which are included in the speaker agreement template. For providing the best experience to their users, CocoDoc, an online agreement templates platform, allows you to use different speaker agreement templates. In contrast, a speaker contract requires a list of formats to make it a valid contract. These include:

  1. Cancellation Clause: A speaker contract should clearly describe the responsibilities of both sides in case of cancellation of events.
  2. Decide Deposit Payments and a Clause in case of Event Cancelation: When both parties are done with negotiating on the payment of services, describe them in your contract as well.
  3. Requirements for Pre-event, Mid and Post Events: This section of the contract will specify the materials, information, and other assistance required for the presentation.

Tips for Writing a Speaker Contract

Writing is an art of ideas. To write something, one should collect the aspects and all possible terms which can make it look better. It is similar when a speaker covers the possible terms to make a valid speaker agreement. Some tips that will cover all important factors in a speaker contract are described below:

  • Description of Services: It is important to mention a valid detail about the services of the speaker. This part includes the beginning time of the services and other detailed descriptions of information about services.
  • Performance of Services: It is mandatory to mention the hours of services. The host side should approve the decided hours of performance and services. According to the contract, it is compulsory for the speaker to fulfill the obligations mentioned in the agreement.
  • Payment: This is the part of the contract where the chances of misunderstanding are way too big. Considering the worse effects, a clear structure of deposits is described in the contract.
  • Termination: At the end of services and proper event presentation, the termination of the contract will be automatically done. Before ending the contract, the speaker should make sure that the payment is fully delivered to him.
  • Applicable law: This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state. Mentioning legal laws are mandatory; it will keep both parties secure.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Drafting a Speaker Contract

Contract agreements are important for every business term and fast growth. Parties require experience in issuing the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract. A single mistake can insecure both parties and make them stand against each other. To avoid these mistakes when drafting a speaker engagement contract template, you need to learn about them and their effects:

  • Not Getting it All in Writing: It is the biggest slip-up in business terms one could do. It does not depend on the kind of contract; you should secure it by getting it all in writing. Writing is proof of what someone said and when.
  • Failing to Include Dispute Resolution Clause: The most common reason for business disputes is the breach of contract. To avoid these disputes, you should write a dispute resolution clause to make it clear by referencing legal disputes.


Contracts are designed to elaborate the terms which parties demand from each other till termination of the contract agreement. When a speaker and a client require the agreed terms on a paper with valid signatures, they sign a speaker agreement. Regardless of the level of work, a valid contract has a significant role in developing relationships between parties. Besides, you might be interested in other agreement templates at CocoDoc.

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