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Some businesses or agencies require a model to promote their product efficiently. Therefore, they hire an individual or a company as an independent contractor and not an employee of the agency. A model contractor is a written agreement that outlines the governing laws for both sides.

The contract clarifies the complete details of the arrangements related to where, when, and how the agreement is being signed. With the agreement in effect, the individual is bound with the agency and will not enter into any other contract. Modeling contracts are legally binding agreements that contain confidential clauses, general terms, and conditions for models.

What is a Model Contract?

A model agreement contract is held between two parties in order to get some work done for an agency or company. A model is hired as an independent contractor for a specific time.

Many modeling agencies have unique contract based on specific terms and conditions. However, each modeling contract has some basic notations such as the name of the agency, the agency's address, and the model's details. It then leads to some specific terms, which include the type of contract, model/agency relationship, and behavior.

A model contract clarifies what each side will deliver, including the financial total. Along with that, a model decides whether to share work publically or not. It will save the rights of both sides so that an agency will continue its work in the exchange of payment.

Depending on the type of the model contract, it is almost one to three years long. A model provides his/her services to a business or agency for that period with some other agreed terms. Moreover, this contract engages a model to the agency directly, which advances the model's career.

The Typical Format of a Model Contract Include

A model contract offered by CocoDoc contains all the basic information about the agency and a hired model. However, here is a typical format of a modeling contract template that needs to be understood completely before signing.

  1. Assignment: In a contract, one party may set its freedom to the other party, but both parties are not able to shift their obligations to other parties. Thus, one party can enter into a contract with a third party.
  2. Confidentiality: Confidentiality is necessary to keep the operations and information private. The confidential clauses cover all the trade secrets, suppliers' names, and other highly valuable business information. Such clauses will save private information from being disclosed.
  3. Dispute Resolution: At the start of the contract, both parties usually overlook the services related to dispute resolution. The contract focuses on the payment, scope of work, and the offered products. The contract should also assert its focus across all the statements related to disputes.
  4. Indemnity: It serves as immunity from liability or insurance for damages like an indemnification agreement, in which one party has to compensate for the damages or losses.
  5. Termination: Termination clauses include the methods to cancel the contract if one party decides to end it. This also demands the compensation of damage incurred to the other party during the contract.

Tips for Writing a Model Contract

For writing a model contract, it has to be made sure that it contains all the valid points. The following tips focus on making a model agreement valid.

  1. Set Agreement in Writing: The agreements should be put in writing in the business industry, which serves as proof when a conflict arises in the near future. Moreover, it needs to be clear and direct to the point.
  2. Identify the Involved Parties: Make sure to mention all the legal and correct names of the parties in the agreement. It needs to be clear over the duties under the contract.
  3. Add all the Details: The contract must have all the exclusive rights and responsibilities of both parties. Add the verbal agreements in writing and an amendment clause if the parties fail to include the details.
  4. Include Payment Deal: The contract should have a statement that states the conditions of the payment and the right to receive it. This part includes the method, terms, and requirements for payment.
  5. Must Include a Termination Clause: It is a good practice to add a termination clause, where both parties can cancel the agreement.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Drafting a Model Contract

Model contracts are a crucial part of any business, so it needs full attention to create. However, there are various mistakes that are being followed up by the developers of such contracts. Following are the common mistakes to avoid while drafting a model contract.

  • Fail to Include Dispute Clauses: A good contract has all the possible plans to deal the misunderstandings and disputes. Outline all the dispute resolution clauses to resolve the matter privately and fastly.
  • Not Updating Contract with a New Situation: It is necessary to update, amend, or modify the contract with the addition of terms.
  • Ambiguous Language: The model contract should not have any technical language and terms that the client may not be familiar with. The contract's language must be clear and simple to understand.
  • Not Consulting an Attorney: Consulting an attorney to draft the model contract will help to ensure that the contract is written properly, with all the details, terms, and conditions beneficial for both parties.
  • Last Minute Inclusions: Last-minute additions or amendments always create issues because mistakes are more likely to occur.


The model contract is important to hire an individual for your company or agency. Such contracts provide all the details of both parties, with payment and terms to work. This article has covered all the tips to write the contract along with all the common mistakes that the contractor should keep in mind while drafting it. Besides, you can find more agreement templates at CocoDoc.

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